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cook.better. [English]


  • This is not a cookbook. This is a book about cooking
  • Basics for Beginners and advanced
  • All the small tips which make the difference
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Author Nikki Werner, Brandon de Kock
Photographer Craig Fraser
Translator Aggi Becker
Info 19,7 x 25,5 cm, 200 pages, 129 fig.
Equipment Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-944874-71-5
Language English or German

It is the ‘ta-da’ moment for those who have been cooking, duty bound, for years, but didn’t show up for basic training.
After reading this book you will …
… realise what’s been missing from your life – celery!
… get lamb chops crisp and medium-rare – on the braai
… never again add sugar to your Napoletana sauce
… stop slathering chicken with olive oil before roasting it
… understand the value of real Parmigiano – and fresh garlic
… cook – the way you’ve always dreamed you could
cook. better should be understood as a promise, because this topflight, perfectly designed cookbook tells you everything worth knowing about cooking. There are answers to questions every one of us has wondered about: Why does lasagna always taste different, even though we use the same recipe? Those beans had real crunch, but mine are always too soft. Why does a simple green salad with a plain dressing taste so good? Finally, answers to these questions and more.
Just like in sports, though, the authors don’t send us straight out to the field. Rather, they start us off with a few stretching exercises and some jumping jacks. So we don’t leap right into mixing and stirring, but first gain some good basic knowledge while getting into shape for the stove.

What are the necessary basic ingredients? Are there different ways to cut garlic, onions, or carrots? How does that affect the taste? Which ingredients do you need to produce something truly delicious? How do you strain sauces? What makes a good sofrito? How do time and temperature change the flavor? How do you blanch beans?

It’s not until we’ve absorbed this fundamental knowledge that we can enjoy experimentation and our own creativity. Our imaginations are set free. And the best thing about cooking is still gathering with friends and family around a table to savor these delicacies.

It’s almost impossible to introduce Nikki Werner without mentioning Brandon de Kock in the same breath. Werner and de Kock are partners and co-authors. Together, they’ve been cooking, eating, and traveling around the world for more than fourteen years. Besides being food experts, they’ve met many chefs and done a lot of research. Over time they’ve become collectors of valuable and useful information on everything related to cooking.

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